As the name Riihirock suggests the event will take place on the surroundings of the restaurant Rajalan Riihi which is located 15 km north from the center of Pihtipudas.
On July 22nd   a one-day rock fest for the whole family will come alive. On stage you’ll enjoy ten great bands all the way from J. Karjalainen to Pauli Hanhiniemi. Even a great indiefolk band “Town of saits” from Amsterdam will be joining the setting.

Notice the VIP area where you can enjoy today’s hottest cover band Trio Metris and vip treatment. Our sauna is warm already on Friday the 21st .
At the festival you’ll be served with alternative dining possibilities and there´s also a  restaurant area which is restricted to adults only.

The traditional finnish “smoke sauna” is ready for VIP guests. The atmosphere can be reached by camping overnight already on Friday.

Our first rock extravaganza exceeded all expectations in 2016. The crew, skilled volunteers, bands and most of all audience are still baffled.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us this year also!!!!